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Welcome to Pinnacle Realty, located in picturesque Dorset, Vermont. Set in the heart of the Green Mountains, Dorset and the surrounding towns offer small town quintessential atmosphere, but do not lack for culture.

The Southern Vermont Art Center is abuzz with concerts, art exhibits and special events throughout the year. The Manchester Music Festival offers some of our greatest musicians. Then there is Historical Hildene, home of Todd Lincoln, Dorset Summer Theater and many, many more activities & events that make our area so special for full-time living, part-time living or vacationing.

Pinnacle Realty is here to serve you by offering a team of experienced, Professional Realtors who have been a part of our community for many years and know the market extremely well. We are a member of MLS and Realtors, giving us the ability to show you listings that are exclusive with other offices.

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I am almost 2 months on Accutane and just saw my doctor, she told me to take 10mg instead of the 20mg I was taking in the first two months, because she saw that my acne was really inflamed on my cheeks, I also have a lot of redness and cysts are appearing on my chin and jawline. They're really painful. Month 2: 60 mg/day Month 3: starting at 80mg/day but not holding myself to it, ill drop down to 60 if I need to! I am 22 years old, living in Utah with my husband and cat while finishing up school! Well I've made it into month 2 of my acne treatment & i must say so far so good. If you want to see my beginning post the use click here for some back history. I have just started box number 2 so its just over 60 tablets down. Im lucky i only have to… Many patients actually experience an increase in acne flare-ups within a week of taking it. However, patients who continued taking it for 2 months, saw an improvement in their skin after this period. Also, many dermatologists deny the relation between acne worsening and Accutane; they say it could be due to inadequate or low dosage of the drug. Im on week 4(40mg) and the initial break out is pretty much over for me. i get pimples here and there but my face and back look much better than from that first really bad breakout that comes the 2nd or 3rd week in. Ive been through this before and come month 2 or 3 youll start seeing the results you are looking for. month 4 is when you really ... By VeganAcneSufferers. When under the care of your dermatologist or doctor, isotretinoin or Accutane is mostly considered safe and one of the most effective treatments for severe acne. Most patients are free of acne after 4 to 6 months of treatment.