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Welcome to Pinnacle Realty, located in picturesque Dorset, Vermont. Set in the heart of the Green Mountains, Dorset and the surrounding towns offer small town quintessential atmosphere, but do not lack for culture.

The Southern Vermont Art Center is abuzz with concerts, art exhibits and special events throughout the year. The Manchester Music Festival offers some of our greatest musicians. Then there is Historical Hildene, home of Todd Lincoln, Dorset Summer Theater and many, many more activities & events that make our area so special for full-time living, part-time living or vacationing.

Pinnacle Realty is here to serve you by offering a team of experienced, Professional Realtors who have been a part of our community for many years and know the market extremely well. We are a member of MLS and Realtors, giving us the ability to show you listings that are exclusive with other offices.

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