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Welcome to Pinnacle Realty, located in picturesque Dorset, Vermont. Set in the heart of the Green Mountains, Dorset and the surrounding towns offer small town quintessential atmosphere, but do not lack for culture.

The Southern Vermont Art Center is abuzz with concerts, art exhibits and special events throughout the year. The Manchester Music Festival offers some of our greatest musicians. Then there is Historical Hildene, home of Todd Lincoln, Dorset Summer Theater and many, many more activities & events that make our area so special for full-time living, part-time living or vacationing.

Pinnacle Realty is here to serve you by offering a team of experienced, Professional Realtors who have been a part of our community for many years and know the market extremely well. We are a member of MLS and Realtors, giving us the ability to show you listings that are exclusive with other offices.

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Accutane can also lead to serious hair loss due to the fact that in certain cases the acne medication accutane can cause damage to your hair follicles which can cause permanent hair loss which would be irreversible. -Premature aging Originally used as a chemotherapy agent, Accutane damages DNA and slows down cell division. Now we know that with age, your hair degrades in texture and quality, and becomes more porous, which would explain why hair dye fades so fast. Could folic acid or something like astragalus root help reverse the premature aging? Because Accutane contains very high levels of Vitamin A; many users tend to develop liver complications, and other side effects and allergic reactions, disturbances and inflammations. The inflammations in the body as a result of the very high Vitamin A levels can disrupt the body's physiology causing conditions such as alopecia (hair loss). In this video I explain all my tips and tricks for preventing hair loss and damage whilst taking accutane. I struggled with this whilst on the drug and came up with a routine that worked! Accutane works by shrinking the sebaceous glands. This can also effect the hair follicle and occasionally patients notice a change to their hair (including alopecia or, more rarely, an increase of hair growth). Accutane can stay in your body for up to 5 weeks after your last dose. Artificial medicine such as ‘accutane/isostretinoin’ destroys millions of lives due to its damaging long term side effects – hair loss, hair thinning, split ends, hair dryness. Yes it did treat acne (temporarily) but is not safe to say it treat acne, healthy diet and herbal medicine is actually the right path to healthy skin. I took Accutane a year and a half ago and had a few of the typical side effects while on it (tiredness, dry skin, etc.). About a month after stopping Accutane, my hair started falling out by the handful every time I washed/brushed/touched it. It was very frustrating, and scary because I didn't know if/when it would end. Accutane does not damage the hair follicles, it changes chemical receptors, none of which are related to hair loss. It makes them more responsive, causing a "shock" to the body. A lack of sebum, (oil by follicle production) also occurs. I realized fairly recently that the root cause of my problems was impaired liver function, due to damage caused by the Accutane. That got the ball rolling and everything else followed as a result. It left me with very low bile production, resulting in chronic constipation and toxicity. ... First my hair fell out and my nails got deep ridges and ... Water will easily penetrate the hair shaft and cause the hair to swell, making it easy to damage. Dry skin, hair and nails is a side effect of accutane. You can counteract the drying effect of the medication by using a deep conditioning mask or applying hair oil treatments.